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"Instead of "made with 100% real cheese," these bars are "made of100% real cheese." You can't beat these baked cheese bars for an authentic cheesy taste that you can take on the go. Plus, they'll still give you that crucial crunch of a satisfying snack. Use these low-carb, high-protein cheese bars as a snack on their own, or pair them with apples for an added serving of fiber."



"Just the Cheese, a brand run by Specialty Cheese Company in Reeseville, Wis., makes crunchy dried cheese bars that have taken off as a low-carb snack. By using algorithms to analyze how Just the Cheese’s search ads performed on Amazon’s site, the ad agency Quartile Digital noticed that people who searched for keto snacks and cauliflower pizza crust, both low-carb diet trends, also bought a lot of cheese bars."



"Say goodbye to all those puffy orange sticks and fake cheese-flavored crackers with the funky aftertaste. Just the Cheese baked mini bites and bars are 100 percent Wisconsin cheese. They are naturally low in carbs, gluten-free, and only 75 calories per bar (95 calories for the bag of minis). Unlike most “cheese crisps,” which are air-dried, Just the Cheese is oven baked, which caramelizes the cheese and results in a deeper, richer flavor and a crunchier texture. It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich in a snack bar. There’s actually a Grilled Cheese flavor, and the line also includes White Cheddar, Parmesan, Jalapeño, and Garlic and Chive. These are perfect for a portable snack on the go that all ages will love."



"A 12-pack of crunchy cheese bars for anyone who knows that cheese could be the only food group and we'd all be just fine. Better, even. This bar is low carb (like, less than one gram of carbs low), which makes it great for anyone who likes food that follows a Keto or Atkins plan. Each serving has as much protein and calcium as a glass of milk, and they're gluten-free."



"Keto grilled cheese? OMG, OMG, OMG. Made exclusively with real, natural Wisconsin cheese and zero carbs, this is every keto dieter's nostalgic food dream in snackable form. Not a grilled cheese fiend? First of all, you’re crazy, but also, check out their aged cheddar and jalapeño cheese flavors to get your unique cheesy fix."



"If you don't love sweets, the savory Just the Cheese bars are crunchy and made from, well, just the cheese. Try Aged Cheddar, Grilled Cheese, or Jalapeño flavors."



"If cheese is your idea of the perfect snack, pick up these Just the Cheese Bars, which consist purely of cheese. They're also an Amazon bestseller."



"Just the Cheese is crunchy, full of flavor and made to be enjoyed without crackers. It’s an easy appetizer when guests drop in or perfect to bring on the go when you need a cheese fix. The bars are only 75 calories each, and Just the Cheese also offers mini bites. They are all low in carbs and gluten free, and come in tantalizing flavors like jalapeño cheese, grilled cheese and Wisconsin cheddar. These rich bars will be a hit with foodies, dieters and kids alike."

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