Even Cheese Snacks Have An Origin Story

The Origin Story

David and Paul at a tradeshow in the early days of Just the Cheese
The Original Just the Cheese Team

Just The Cheese® Today

Just the Cheese team today

The Truth About The Cheese

The truth is, we’re about more than just the cheese.

We are committed to supporting and listening to our employees and our community. It’s why my dad, Connie, and I are dedicated to employee growth and development. It’s why we seek to build a kind and inclusive company culture. And it’s why we’re proud to support organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Celiac Foundation who help those with severe dietary restrictions find and enjoy our products.

Our Mission & Value

We want Just The Cheese® to be your first choice when you need a satisfying, crunchy snack. We think a product named Just The Cheese® has to live up to its name. We will never relax our high standards for quality and simplicity. We believe our success results from the hard work of our dedicated team of cheesemakers—from the front office to the factory floor.

These aren’t just words. We mean them. Everything about Just The Cheese® is intentional: My dad’s willingness to listen to an idle thought from a 10-year-old, our team’s dedication and creativity, and our commitment to finish what we started.