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No really, it's just cheese!

100% Wisconsin cheese baked to crunchy perfection! All Flavor, No Fillers.

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These crunchy, delicious, low carb snacks are made from 100% Wisconsin Cheese - and nothing else. Giving you the indulgence of a smooth cheesy snack, without the guilt.

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Let's Compare*

Just the Cheese Bar Leading Protein Bar Leading Meat Bar
Number of Ingredients 1 18 18
Carbs <1g 42g 7g
Sugar 0g 21g 5g
Protein 8g 9g 8g
Calories 150 260 150

*comparison based on single serving of leading brands

How Our Cheese is Made

male baker holding a pitcher of fresh milk with apron

We start by taking local Wisconsin milk...

male baker holding block of cheddar cheese

... And turn it into handcrafted cheese that's made in-house by our team of cheesemakers.

female baker holding finished baked cheese product on baking sheet with apron

We then bake the cheese until it's crunchy ...

female baker holding packaged cheese product with apron

... And package and ship it to you! That's it!

Handcrafted in the heart of Wisconsin

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