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Just the Cheese is a CRUNCHY, low carb, 100% cheese snack

that satisfies your cravings without the guilt.

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We are excited to debut our newest low-carb Just the Cheese snacks on our upcoming website. The new crunchy baked cheese will be available in three flavors: aged cheddar, firey jalapenos, and buttery grilled cheese. Of course, you can still purchase our current delicious snacks at one of the on-line locations listed above.


While the new website is under construction, we would like to share the secret ingredients of our mouth watering snacks – our one big happy family and our location. Our team believes in compassion works and feelings matter. These beliefs have given us over 25 years’ experiences of working together like family members. Compassion gives us more satisfied teammates and a more satisfying, crunchy cheese! Another interesting fact is that these delicious oven toasted cheese are made from scratch in a factory, which we converted from an old Wisconsin school. Please subscribe, if you’d like to find out more about our CRUNCHY deliciousness, why compassion works and the facility.


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